Hairstyle for bridesmaid in wedding day

What do you want to be one of the most beautiful bride? Wedding day like a great haircut? Get married on the same day as bright as star you, whether from top to bottom, all carefully designs from the inside out too? Want how to get on the top of the hair?
Ivory Crew Chiffon Column Short Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses
Prophase planning well, such as from the wedding plans six months before the start of every month to do a deep care hair, and 5 to 7 days before the wedding, to the hair do deep maintenance for the last time. This is to keep your hair luster, and not on the wedding day because the hair is too soft and hard to do little secret.
Artistic Low-back Sweetheart Mini A-line Style Bridesmaid Dress Cheap
In addition a week before the marriage make a light oil for hair care, can make your hair soft bright luster, before the wedding and a small trick is to vaseline mixing water, evenly all put on the hair, can calm frizzy hair, make hair shine.
A Line One Shoulder Flower Outdoor White Bridesmaid Dresses
The bride wedding day: should pay attention to the hair, hair style: excessive hair is not easy to clean shape, so it's best to avoid a shampoo is used in the wedding day, might as well the night before to wash hair, if you want to make hair longer some fixed, can apply styling wax, wax and the size of a coin in the modelling of the hair.
Ivory Ruffle Sweetheart Chiffon Empire Long Maternity Bridesmaid Dress
Avoid dye the hair color too shallow, too deep, too pale and red or chocolate color, honey color and caramel color of isothermal warm color attune is more suitable for their wedding ceremony the bride, the hair color can greatly carry bright color of skin, foil the face white and ruddy.
Classical Chiffon V Neck Long Bridesmaid Dresses With Beading
If you decide on the wedding day wore her hair long hair, loose curls and waves hairstyle would be the best choice, it can make you look soft and not stiff. Remember these little practice oh, do a the most beautiful bride hairstyle! Do a the most beautiful bride!


Vintage pink bridesmaid dresses by joannes

That with a dark brown, not instantly seize the attention, but such as wine aged for many years, carefully taste, don't have a taste in the heart. Deep v-neck of cultivate one's morality dress filled with temptation, lace on blooming flower, beautiful and s-curve, distance a leopard pattern, like the jungle feats.
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7 minutes of sleeve taffeta coat, the collar design, all show, "she explains. Chest elegant flower, embodies the women's delicate and charming, promote dress stereo feeling, with little diamond, rich administrative levels feeling of the suit. Turquoise tone skirt, suffused with warm luster, like a quiet river water, lake contains refreshing cool and refreshing.
Pink Sweetheart Applique Bow Bridesmaid Dresses Aberdeen
Pink hook flower lace like the lake aquatic plants, wanton growth, hovering on the dress, condenses into 5 minutes of sleeve of elegant fashion, round collar also blossom a blossoming between wheatgrass, under the guidance of our diamond pattern, with a wide belt of stereoscopic handmade flowers from afar the nasal tip is like the smell of flowers.
Pink Chiffon Empire Sweetheart Floor Length Bridesmaid Dresses
Layered skirt is placed between the bud silk, chic, get rid of the general skirt is concise, bring a kind of stirring fashion. Restrained elegance, fusion in dress design, time of mature female unique charm, just like the aged wine, kaifeng, aroma is addictive. Shoulders, short sleeves, collar, all reveal a woman appeared in the time to carve the composed, atmosphere, and cultivate one's morality cutting, comfortable fabrics close to women with inner needs.
A Line Sweetheart Chiffon Long Vintage Pink Bridesmaid Dresses
The most dramatic design has been the ornamental design of shoulder and diamond, condensation women's elegance, slowly overflow. Required only a rich fragrance, then touching, ecstasy. Sunshine over the curtain, projection on the suit the dress with gray texture, coexistence of shadow and light, like came to the world of the phantom light-years.
3D Flower Light Pink One Shoulder Floor Length Bridal Gowns
Chic collar like the cover of the neat conifers and folds, the structure of the v-neck, explained the women inner fortitude and natural and unrestrained. The design of the 7 minutes of sleeve, elegant in do not break nobility, get rid of the rigid dignified. Wide belt, which is the diamond like star eyes, in the world of black and white dress, radiate the light of luxury, magnificent, use cool color to move women inner passion depicts "to three points."


Lemon yellow bridesmaid dresses by joanne

Pure object can always reminds people of the yearning for purity, high diamond like dew in the morning on the round collar, glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, scattered in the soft moonlight, clever, elegant. Waist drape leisure design style, there is a return uncut jade to put in the natural breath. Fruity train lines, is the curve when dancing, beautiful, smooth.
Bateau Mesmerize Yellow Floor Length Satin Bridesmaid Dresses
The temptation of backless permeated, fusion in transparent diamond, like a rebirth of the elves in the moonlight, catching a soul-stirring charm. Warm warm wind, blows away the edge curl Qian, awaken the fold of the sleeping dress, instant, hand catching plait vitality through wide thin fold belt and circulation in the skirt, skirt, life began to dance.
 Empire Sweetheart Floor Length Chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses
Mei red, with its intellectual qualities by women, whether it is the temptation of deep v-neck, hang neck type. Elegant champagne eisegesis the girl in the limited space of stone, like uncarved mei-yu, set heaven and earth reiki, let a person feel heartwarming cordial. Dignified under his shoulders, fine fold cross wound in the chest, highlighting good family demeanor.
Yellow A Line Draped Knee Length Bridesmaid Dresses Southampton
Champagne satin belt, exquisite, smooth, the girl is very soft heart. Elegant double skirt, a small jasper. Concise but not simple, low-key dress can show more unique temperament. Quiet navy blue is full of infinite daydream, along the longitudinal fold, the line of sight free on double color silk yarn.
Divine Sweetheart A Line Daffodil Chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses
Floodlight yellow meet with shoulder hook flower bud, creating unique lasting appeal, or sexy, or noble; Hollow out back encounter with the buttons that restore ancient ways, finally began to diffuse. The waist of the diamond, lasting bright, like the air before the arrival of dawn star eyes, is a prelude to the light. In time this will light, the story is brewing, in a ray of sunshine, flowers, as a result, the cycle.


Joanne designed the lilac bridesmaid dresses

Lilac bridesmaid dresses like floating on the holiest note, from glowing light upon the skirt of silk of curling lightly to deduce the most beautiful music. Waist shining diamond is the heaven of hymns, ornament in the fold, let melody flows straight drips into the heart.
Bow Satin Lilac One Shoulder Sexy Long A-Line Bridesmaid Gowns
Whether it's the real situation or aerial fantasy, total want to give yourself a chance to make with expectation beauty in your mind. Will dress fragrance with catching plait details of every lace a little branches, in every time between the opening and closing of eyes will encounter a poetic - because, a condensation inspired ideas and rich elements of dress design, you will never be one soon.
Lilac Sheath Chiffon V Neck Knee Length Sleeves Bridesmaid Dress
Could not open the misty eyes, the moon was the dress of dark blue with breast and a diamond that applies a flash of light blurred the line of sight. Petals and wiping a bosom of bowknot, eyebrows is clever and surprise. Mermaid tail skirt across the flow of air, that one second, starting from jing, fell in love with the dress design. Sometimes become noble beautiful dressed up does not undergo a long process, need only a short moment.
Lilac Empire Sweetheart Chiffon Floor Length Bridesmaid Gowns
One moment or prosaic, put on the dress and turn things around. Love at first sight of the dress design, once met, will never want to let go. Deep quiet blue commonly, to serve as an ornament with gleaming diamonds, like the bottom of the sea fruity and elegant pearl, and navy reflect correctly.
Backless Lilac V-Neck Satin Modern Vintage Bridesmaid Dresses
Tilt Angle is fold processing increased showily feeling, at the same time have played an important role in got-up figure. Clipping cultivate one's morality, show the body appearance of have a graceful demeanour, big tail, appear natural and graceful temperament. A scoop-back design collocation showily one shoulder straps, nobility and sexy perfect unity.
Chiffon Fairytale Bohemian Bridesmaid Dress By Joanne
Has elegant feeling elegant purple, contracted design between passes beautifully to the extreme, the waist crisscross the fold of the female body is very graceful. The design of the v-neck to have the strong woman flavour. The shoulder and waist after manual nail bead is actually a punchline, exquisite design, show low-key luxuriant. The design of the elegant and sexy v-neck show ripe female ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings.


Beautiful black bridesmaid dress with fashion personality style

Every girl's wardrobe, needs a universal black dress; From the parties, ceremonies, to the party, can put on beautiful noble black dress bright appearance. Black dress fashionable, elegant and unique temperament, also become the focus of common in the wedding party in recent years.

Sexy Long Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses Australia Online 2016
 Wedding banquet for Europe and the United States the bride, like a celebration party with relatives and friends. After the wedding ceremony, change their favorite black bridesmaid dress for dinner, is many brides recognized the most and the choice of be fond of his personality. Black dress high momentum also let it become the theme of the many new people for their wedding photos.

Cheap Strapless Sexy Black Bridesmaid Dresses Sydney Discount
 Make the perfect black bridesmaid dress the bride modelling and dress design, bring you combine temperament and imposing manner of fashion inspiration. Black bodice, injected with modern technology sexy lace and embroidery, only as a foil to the original drab clothing ornament into outer wear bright eye item of the type that wipe a bosom.

Affordable Black Bridesmaid Dresses With Short Sleeves By Dressforau
With a long black bridesmaid dress, like a night elf dance crashed into the world on the stage, without too much decoration, there are no complicated design, deeply rooted in the hearts of the people with the attitude of contracted and not simple.

Long Black Bridesmaid Dresses Discount Online Sale For Cheap
 The gauze is also an important element in this season, has the fleeciness feeling and hang down feeling gauze, has the very strong plasticity, layered modelling with princess style, and gleaming perspective effect to the ranks of the people at the party you have a strong presence.

2016 Cheap One Shoulder Black Bridesmaid Dresses In Fashion Style
In terms of accessories, not emphasize perfect proportion of high-heeled shoes, have a plenty of simple black single shoes, the low-key costly is in the simple sense, more let you with elegant ancient model. Have grown tired of the heavy jewelry decoration, a simple black bodice and skirt collocation with earrings, look at the dance is a kind of natural beauty.


Long split ivory formal dress with sexy style

Of the early moonlight night, a peaceful world, only the breeze slowly, starlight staged a dream Alice. After a moment's peace, a breeze into the exquisite silver fold, staggered to her chest, since sweet sweetheart collar, gently attached on the dress. After the break of cultivate one's morality design, once again return to the atmosphere of the skirt. The waist of the diamond, it is far away the stars in the sky, crystal clear, bright is dazzing, make dress bathed in the moon and the stars.
Winsome Column Beading Sheer Sequins Chiffon Formal Gowns
Bright moonlight on the dress, like spring, like stone, cold and cheerless, ethereal, are characteristic of the goddess fashion expensive gas. Shoulders of dignified, elegant design, the design of the v-neck revealed little sex appeal, in the silver dress world, wide fold belts, elegant hanging skirt, all fit into the heart of melody, and the design of concise, atmospheric cut together seamlessly, lead a fashion visual feast. Don't need too much adornment, in this design, all show the elegance of their own, enjoy the admiring eyes.
2016 Chiffon One-Shoulder Long Formal Dresses Online Australia
Pink eye contact to the pure and fresh but person, as if walking in the world of ice cream sweet, a scent in the wind, and peach flavor? Strawberry? Unknown, but feel very comfortable, perhaps this is one of the cause of the ice cream color hot this summer. The manual catching plait, delicate and exquisite; Elegant one shoulder, ups and downs are decked with gorgeousness, as soft as a cloud; Pattern diamond belt, bright, luxurious. As the drift are decked with gorgeousness, immersed in the world of double color silk yarn dress, calm down, feeling the first and most beautiful childlike innocence and sweet.
Embroidery A-Line Floor Length Strapless Ivory Formal Wear
Through space, staggered manual catching plait, fixed with the attitude of twist in the most beautiful moment, passing down clever. The charm of the deep-sea gauze, make this kind of method of soul-stirring, drunken beauty of rendering the whole body. Sweet blend of charm and neckline, show your ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings. Casual, dress the star-filled between waist, interprets the sexy legs curve, and with you Ming yan, in you to dress, touched.It empty spirit, make it woke up, will be the beautiful image of you hold.


Summer beach bridesmaid dresses with elegance style

Beach bridesmaid dresses look particularly elegant atmosphere, is different from the style of the light blue can give a person a kind of pure and fresh feeling, yes this dress shows more expensive gas elegant, very suitable for the traditional wedding in the family, the upper body style that wipe a bosom, in the chest type with vertical lines which outline the chest more fullness.

A-Line Satin Beach Bridesmaid Dresses Discount For Cheap
Knee-Length V-Neck Short Blue Satin Bridesmaid Dresses Online
Upper body at the same time using the elastic emulation silk fabrics woven, seem to be very soft light, and lateral thoracic just a little bit matte, so let a person look bridesmaid has a slender figure, have the effect of long show thin. Using silk fabric as thick belt around his waist.

Black Sweetheart Tea-Length Princess Satin Bridesmaid Dresses
V-Neck A-Line Draped Satin Bridesmaid Dress By Dressforau
Above the fold design will line draw the outline of a slender waist, skirt edge and private parts are using organza fabric weaving, let the skirt a bit a little fluffy, aesthetic feeling, show a charming is spruce and skirt is placed on the edge with a horizontal line draw the outline of the style of a zebra crossing, and added a bit of fashionable breath, for her, in short, the bridesmaid dresses that wipe a bosom is very perfect, especially suitable for bridesmaid temperament.


Pink bridesmaid dresses brings elegant feeling

Pink bridesmaid dresses on the version of the type and style are very good, seems particularly cultivate one's morality version type, mainly is the perfect design between the chest and waist, make whole looks particularly well-balanced tall, the breast line and line on either side of the skirt to make this big red bridesmaid dresses look special three-dimensional cultivate one's morality.

Chiffon Floor-length Pink Tone Fashionable Bridesmaid Dresses
A-line Floor-length Chiffon Light Coral Bridesmaid Dresses
Shoulders and style are good, upper body and chic style, if there is no shoulders is the strapless style, with much a feminine look sexy, and shoulders is shown more elegant atmosphere, shoulder belt gradually expanded from the chest sleeveless top trend extends to the shoulder, and added some fashionable breath for the maid of honor.

V-Neck Floor-Length Ruffles Satin Bridesmaid Gowns
Strapless A-line Knee-length Chiffon Pink Bridesmaid Dress
And the waist to tighten the design of the fold, which outline the bridesmaid slender waist, especially high intellectual, but a bridesmaid eyebrow in the United States on the this paragraph may not fit you well. Body skirt straight down, only a few root drape design, will be the maid of honor special slender leg ministry line foil is perfect, it was very good.


Elegant strapless blue bridesmaid dresses 2016

Blue bridesmaid dresses first of all, let a person to notice is the fabric from the fabric drape degree look a bit like taffeta fabric, because it looks old and main grasp of fold partial close so produced fold sense, it is also very good on design.
Princess Chiffon Floor-Length Pleats Bridesmaid Dress
Princess Chiffon Floor-Length Pleats Bridesmaid Dress
Knee-Length Ruffle Royal Blue Bridesmaid Gown
Knee-Length Ruffle Royal Blue Bridesmaid Gown
Upper body double fold of the neckline is very creative, will not only the beautiful scenery of the chest hidden, but also seem to be very fashionable atmosphere, and the waist with bowknot belt fastens with color, not only divide the level of the whole body, make the bridesmaid slender leg ministry line looks very perfect.
Sky Blue Strapless A-Line/Princess Tea-Length Ruffle Bridesmaid Dress
Princess Tea-Length Strapless Bridesmaid Dresses Australia
Ribbon Trim A-Line/Princess Floor-Length Bridesmaid Dress
Ribbon Trim A-Line/Princess Floor-Length Bridesmaid Dress
But also show the temperament of bridesmaid sweet charming is spruce and sexy, and short skirt style, appear special aesthetic fashion, although the overall this blue bridesmaid dresses design style is concise and easy, but in detail place seem so delicate and elegant, and type of design also played a certain role of cultivate one’s morality, very suitable for spring and summer wedding bridesmaids dress.


Woman’s $5 million sale of designer bridal gowns

Irony is, in some cases, a dish best served frothy white.

Before being arrested for embezzling $5.1 million from a D.C. non-profit to keep her unprofitable Upper Marlboro bridal boutique afloat, Ephonia Green prided herself on donating ensembles to military brides. Green is now serving a 46-month prison term, but on Wednesday two U.S. Marines bought a couple of her wedding dresses at cut-rate prices.

The dresses were among 2,400 items from her inventory that federal marshals seized and the U.S. General Services Administration is selling through the end of the week at a fraction of their retail value. If it all sells, it will bring in $600,000 to $800,000, which will be given to the Association of American Medical Colleges, the organization that was the target of Green’s embezzlement.  Green, the owner of Couture Miss Bridal & Formal, was a $56,000-a-year administrative assistant at the AAMC, which represents medical schools and teaching hospitals and administers the MCAT, a test used in medical school admissions.

[Sentencing set for woman who stole $5 million from District-based non-profit]
The sale, held at the Embassy Suites Baltimore Hotel at BWI airport, included tiaras, shoes, veils, and flower girl dresses, in addition to other formal evening wear.
Throughout the morning, a steady stream of prospective brides perused the racks.
“Today the plan is to find the wedding dress and then hopefully the reception dress and then after that I have some more formal events, so I’ll keep looking,” said Sakeitha Crowder, a physician in her 30s who flew up from her home outside Raleigh, N.C. to attend the sale. She and her aunt, who flew in from Atlanta to meet her, are staying at a hotel across the street for easy access.

They riffled through silk, gauze, and pearly numbers, including some by designers like Christina Wu and David Tutera. “This has a long train that I love, and the detail is there, but the quality is not what I’m looking for,” Crowder said, holding up a white beaded gown. “Ooh!” she said, turning to another, “this could work for a reception dress – but I think it’s too small.”

It is common practice for seized property to be auctioned or sold to the public.
“One of the Department of Justice’s main initiatives is victims compensation, so as often as we can compensate the victims of white collar crime, we do,” said Jason Martinez, assistant program manager with the asset forfeiture division of the U.S. Marshals Service. “Like with Bernie Madoff, we’re still paying victims of that scheme. They’ll never recoup the full amount, but we’re trying to make them whole as much as possible.”

The goods are usually less exquisite – cars, office furniture. There has been only one other bridal sale, held in Atlanta, for wedding attire seized in Alaska. “We tried to sell it up there, but the market wasn’t very good,” he said. No surprise – Alaska has one of the country’s highest male- to-female ratios.

Trying on the merchandise was not an option, so the brides resorted to guesswork, holding up dresses, pulling straps up over sweatshirts, imagining how well they might be set off by bare skin.

I am really nervous spending the money if I can’t try it on,” said Mary Stiles, 24, of Port Tobacco, MD, looking anguished as her friends held up two dresses.

“If you go somewhere else you won’t find a dress that price,” said her mother, Susan Stiles.

“But you have to be 100 percent sure,” said her friend Angelimar De Jesus of Beltsville. “I’ve seen a lot of brides and they only buy if they’re 100 percent sure.”

Being sure was not a problem for Marine Staff Sergeant Sharla Shima, 32, who drove up from Quantico early in the morning with her friend Sergeant Debbie Mendez, 25.
“You think we get a military discount?” Mendez asked as they shopped.

“This is the military discount,” Shima retorted.

Mendez, who plans to marry in June, had been dragging her feet on dress shopping – but Shima is no procrastinator.

“Admittedly I just got engaged on Saturday,” she said. “One of our bosses had mentioned that he’d heard about this on the radio and that we should come.”
Shima had jokingly told her fiancé that she would wear her dress blues. “He said, ‘Absolutely not.’”

So, unlike women who spend weeks or months hunting for the perfect dress, she chose hers in about an hour.

She held up a high-necked, sleeveless lace gown — $500, down from $1,113 – and the search was over. “It was a really good deal and beautiful, and it fit my criteria exactly,” she said. “I like to get in and out.”

Looking it over after making the purchase, she added, “Honestly, I didn’t even notice the train until I bought it.”

Source from: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/inspired-life/wp/2015/11/18/how-one-womans-5-million-embezzlement-led-to-an-epic-sale-of-designer-bridal-gowns/


Match the bridesmaid dress personality

Walk down the aisle looking at good girlfriends good sisters, become the most beautiful bride, a lot of sisters have a little trouble, that day, what to wear on both upstaged not the bride, and wedding can add a beautiful beautiful scenery, be apart from the bride, let the whole scenery of male attention. Clothing small make up teach you bridesmaid dress collocation, show their own personality and charm and low-key, also for the wedding make a lot of memorable color.

V-Neck Satin Draped Floor-Length Bridesmaid Gown
Deep oval, showing perfect clavicle to look sexy, two white folds from the shoulder to the waist, adds to the beauty broke the dreary, sleeveless fresh and cool and refreshing, waist falbala have administrative levels feeling, show a slim waist, package buttocks short skirt, show beautiful leg sexy, pure white and flawless, overall concise is not monotonous, and do not break a woman's personality charm, tie-in black bag, appear natural and graceful, spell able and playfully as a whole.

Princess Strapless Bridesmaid Gown

The representative of the pink is nifty and lovely, have pink. Deep pink one shoulder flower, sweet and lovely. One shoulder top safety and do not break little sex appeal, showing perfect small joss-stick shoulder, decorative pattern upper stitching of light pink powder fabric and yarn, appear have administrative levels feeling, elongates the proportion of the body, big bowknot between the waist, delicate and elegant and chic. Lower body powder yarn cloth irregular design, chic. Tie-in white fish mouth high-heeled shoes, elegant and sweet, you are the pink wedding hall on beauty.

Short Pink Bridesmaid Dresses Image By Dressforau

Glitter nail drill, glaring bright eye, easy to attract attention, hammer drill and deep V connection, chic and innovative. On the back of the hollow out, sexy and perfect, wrapped inside a white chest, safe and brilliant. Perfect waist waist of fold, the modification, even the garment skirt to show beautiful leg, move feeling. Black hand bag, temperament and elegant.

A-line Chiffon Pink Bridesmaid Dresses Online Australia

The white bridesmaid dresses with the bride's white wedding dress and fits. White fishtail gown is a good choice, using the popular element, shoulder straps of perspective, security can rise to decorate action again, waist close-fitting, perfect body, long tail swing lace package edge, aesthetic feeling.


Different four seasons bridesmaid dresses

Prospective brides for bride dress and worry? Don't worry, dress according to the four seasons the bride evening dress. According to the bride looks can be divided into four seasons, the spring, summer, autumn and winter are different. You know how to take four seasons bridesmaid dresses?

1. In the spring of the bride dress color options

Spring type bride gives a person feel warm, transparent, clean feeling. Features: light skin ivory, warm cream-colored, exquisite and have clear send lubricious characteristic: bright, such as silk of dark brown, a soft tan, tan. Hair is soft. Eye characteristics: like glass balls in her eyes, eyes to light tan, topaz color, white felt blue lake.

Spring bridesmaid dresses color collocation principle: bridesmaid dresses color can't be too old or too dark. Spring type bright colors in the bride's dress should choose tone belong to warm color department, on the colour collocation, should follow the contrast of highlighting your handsome.

The colour of the bridesmaid dresses is suitable for the spring type: coral, peach color, beige, lemon, green, mint, Turkey is blue, ivory white, etc., when choosing red, should be given priority to with orange, orange.

A-Line Terrific Satin Knee-Length V-Neck Ruffle Bridesmaid Dress

2. Summer bridesmaid dresses color options: summer bride look soft, give a person the sense with relaxed and implicative, suitable for cool color department with the blues. Color characteristics: white, milky white skin, brown with blue skin, wheat color skin. Send lubricious characteristic: soft, black colored, soft brown or dark brown. Eyes features: soft eyes, whole feels soft, eyes are umber, dark brown.

Summer bridesmaid dresses colour collocation principles: summer bride have healthy skin, pink flush water, shallow rosy lips, soft hair, give a person with very downy elegant overall impression. Summer type wedding dress color should be in blue at the bottom of the color of quietly elegant, soft to foil a gentle and quiet personality. Take care to avoid tonal contrast is too large, it is best to shade collocation in the same hue.
A-Line Princess Brown and White Satin Brown Bridesmaid Dresses
The colour of the bridesmaid dresses is suitable for summer type are: the powder pink, lime green, purple, blue water, ice, jade blue, rosy, ash is violet, milky white, etc.

3. In the fall of the bridesmaid dresses color options: autumn bride give a person the sense with full-bodied and rich, noble mature, suitable for warm color department with brown tone. Color feature: the ivory skin like porcelain, deep orange, dark camel or yellow orange. Send lubricious characteristic: brown, brown or bronze, chocolate color. Eye characteristics: dark brown, umber, white as ivory white or slightly green.

Bridesmaid dresses colors to choose collocation principle: autumn autumn the bride is the most mature in the four seasons of color and showily, choice of the color of the dress is the most appropriate is golden, moss green, orange, deep and rich color. Must choose when choosing a red brick red and close to dark orange color. In the fall of the bride dress tone is composed of warm color department is tonal. Rich and gorgeous color can foil a autumn mature noble temperament, can foil more powerful color also more fall type of pottery and porcelain skin.

A-Line Princess Sweetheart Satin Tea-Length Bridesmaid Gown
Autumn the colour of the bridesmaid dresses is suitable for: all of the orange, red maple leaf, leaf green, the color red bean paste, golden brown, cream white, etc.

4. Winter bridesmaid dresses color options: winter type bride gives a person the feeling of pure clear, strong leng yan, is suitable for the cool color attune is pure color. Color characteristics: pallor or with olive, blueish brown. Can't see the glow of cold tone color. Send lubricious characteristic: black, dark brown, silver grey, deep red wine. Sharp eyes features: eyes, black and white eyes, eyes is a deep black, umber.

Winter bridesmaid dresses colour collocation principles: pure color is the first choice for winter type bridal gowns, color is used on the national flag is most suitable for winter type dress color. In the color of the four seasons, only the most suitable for winter type a bride use these three colors black, white, grey, navy blue and winter type of patent. Choosing red, optional is rose red, red wine and pure. But when choosing deep color of the dress must have a contrasting color.

Floor-Length A-Line Satin Strapless Winter Bridesmaid Gowns

The colour of the bridesmaid dresses is suitable for winter type: purplish blue, black, white, grey, wine red, rosy, pure color.


Short fashion bridesmaid dresses

Wedding without the maid of honor, at the same time they also is the important role of wedding is very conspicuous. In order to form a good match, bride and also in order to show their personality and temperament, the maid of honor also need to pay attention to the choice of clothing very much. To build a small pure and fresh and the maid of honor, then to see short fashion bridesmaid dresses is recommended.

Small and pure and fresh style bridesmaid dress collocation, short look at the different shape of the maid of honor how to choose the right bridesmaid dresses!

Sweet Long Grey Bridesmaid Dresses/Short Yellow Best Bridesmaid Dresses

Green And Black Bridesmaid Gown / Long Light Pink Bridesmaid Dresses